Fine Art

“Where there is Art, the barriers between the Heart and Mind disappear.”

– Fr. David Van Horn, C.P.P.S., 1928-1999 Professor, Artist & Friend


Fine Art photography is where I shoot for myself; where I am free to explore without the confines of meeting someone else’s demands or expectations. I do not focus on technical perfection through the lens, as that is an endless path to insanity. Rather, I focus on the moment and what it conveys, and in doing so, have found the freedom and enjoyment in the process of making Art.

Explore the images below and see if something connects with You; see if what I’ve captured speaks to You in a soft whisper or smacks you in the head like a hammer.

All images are available in print.  Contact me for printing options, pricing and turnaround times.  Any image can be printed to any size desired with some creative cropping.  Regardless of your space limitations, I will work with you to make sure my work is hanging on your walls.

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Fine Art-Satori Circus Theater Series

A portrait series celebrating photography, performance art and the history of an oftentimes struggling city with its beautiful historic theaters. Drawing on the influences of various characters in film and theater, it was our goal to capture each venues unique setting as best possible with Satori adding to the overall esthetic.  Given the logistics of this effort, and the number of people needing to be involved to make it a success, I am thankful for everyone involved and am very proud of the results.