Bound Together Series

Darkerkant Exhibition 2021

I am proud to announce that I have been selected to be a part of the Darkerkant Exhibition 2021 taking place on the Cap San Diego in Überberseebrücke, Hamburg, Germany.  Originally postponed from its October 2020 timeline due to the global Covid-19 pandemic, with strict guidelines in place, the event is now taking place. I only wish I could be there to share the atmosphere, meet the other fantastic artists, and thank Marina Schreckling in person for her belief in my artwork.

Based on the theme of Love, Pain, and Purgatory, in the world of Dante’s Inferno, Bound 1-4 (which is just a few of the larger, more elaborate Series) is meant to make you question what you are seeing.

What are these two experiencing?  Are they here by choice?  What do the ropes signify?  Are they suffering?

What do you think?

Thank you to my dear Friends, Satori Circus and  Kiya Tiara for collaborating with me in this journey. Your patience and your perseverance paid off in these beautiful images.

If you are interested in a print of any of these images, they are available in a limited run of 10 each, signed and numbered.  Contact me for more details.

Bound 1, Darkerkant 2021 © Brett J Lawrence 2020


Bound 2, Darkerkant 2021 © Brett J Lawrence 2020


Bound 3, Darkerkant 2021 © Brett J Lawrence 2020


Bound 4, Darkerkant 2021 © Brett J Lawrence 2020


Mr. Circus

“Let’s shoot a new series of Satori portraits, Brett, different from our typical shoots.  I don’t want to pose, or be acting.  I was to be… serious. Any ideas for locations?” – Russ Taylor


“John King Used Books.  Period.” – Me


Let the fun begin…

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Because this was a different approach to our history of portraits sessions, I was compelled to ask some questions to get into the mind of my good Friend… to understand a little bit more.


What was it about John King Used Books that intrigued you for a photo shoot?
i have been going to John King books for a long time. loved the environment and wanted to have fun in it as SC. i don’t do enough serious photography, and also this gave me that chance to show myself, and others that i’m capable of that…hahaha..right! -SC


What is different about this shoot from others you typically do?
a lot of pics i do with other photographers are fun, goofy, surreal, slapstick, fetishy, adult. this was exploring a different side to SC. a side that exists all the time. -SC


Where do you see SC going from here?
oh, i see sc going everywhere, just like before. i’m not stopping this creation from taking over small plots of land or flesh. i see it constantly evolving. some aspects of course do this quicker than other areas or aspects…but i see it never stopping. even well after i’ve left this plain! -SC


Thank you to John King and his staff at one of Detroit’s most iconic businesses.  You’ve always been welcoming to me and my camera lens, and it is always a pleasure roaming your aisles and hearing your stories.  You made this photo shoot all the more memorable.


Check out John King Used Books when you have the chance.

Satori Circus Print Sale

Everyone loves a clown.  And I know you want this handsome fella hanging on your wall.

Rather than sitting in storage, I am offering these 1st run 16×20″ framed prints of my Satori Circus Theater Series for only $60.00 each (originally $125.00), shipping included.  If necessary, I will even hand deliver them to you!  Spread the word!  Of the original 15 images, only 1 print of each was made and only 14 are left.

To read my post about the origination of this Series, click this LINK.

Contact me now and let’s make this happen

The Beauty in Shadow & Light

Beauty can be found in the darkest of Shadows

or in the brightest of Light.

It is for You to decide where to look.

I offer you a compilation video of a series of Butoh performances done by my Friend, and Artist, Satori Circus at The Damned Exhibition in 2016.  Accompanying him, creating the beautifully dark aural landscape, is the very talented Dixon with his violin.

This was my first real attempt at documenting… in real time… a performance artist.  It was a challenge.  I need to expand my reportoire… find new ways of expressing myself… new ways of capturing the moments of my Life.  Every time I watch this it feels like I am there again… in that space… feeling every emotion…raw.  Perfect.

Tell me.  How do you feel?  What do you see?


The Man Behind the Makeup

One of the best ways I can honor an Artist, and more importantly, Friend, on their Birthday is through imagery.  I was honored a few years back to capture the true Russ in all his simplicity in Detroit.  So, to the Man behind the makeup, I wish you a Happy Birthday and a year filled with multiple personalities, adventure & possibility, and most importantly Love.  Your Friend always ~ Brett

Russell Taylor, Detroit MI - Artist & Friend
Russell Taylor, Detroit MI – Artist & Friend

Thunderdome in Detroit

War Boys, War Girls, War Wagons and Wasteland
RELOADED Events delivers once again.  The Mad Max cosplay event of the year: DROPZONE – The Fury Road to Thunderdome

Only in Detroit can this kind of event be pulled off with such success and authenticity.  Truly impressed and proud to call many of these Artists and performers my Friends.  In addition to having a great time attending this, I feel like my images have done a pretty good job of capturing the ambiance and vibe of the evening.  I’m very interested in reading your thoughts so please leave comments.

Thank you to Satori Circus/War Daddy, Eva Lynn, Holly Hock, Leena Allure and Eprom Colony, to name just a few, for entertaining us all!

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Satori Circus: Coming to a T-shirt near you…

Coming soon to a black t-shirt near you: Satori Circus Triptych Heads!

Based on the interest level, I plan on releasing a limited run of these halftone Satori Circus head T-shirts based on my original photograph from 2010.  You too can own one, or two, or all three of the images.

Halftone tshirt concept art using my original copyrighted photographs of Satori Circus.
Halftone tshirt concept art using my original copyrighted photographs of Satori Circus.

Satori Circus Triptych - © Brett J Lawrence, 2010
Satori Circus Triptych – © Brett J Lawrence, 2010

Whaddya think?  Anyone wanna walk around town with a clown on their chest?

Leave your comments below so I can decide.


So this is happening today…

Alumni Exhibition 2015 SHU

Alumni Exhibition 2015 SHU - Panorama

Join Klemm Gallery in welcoming Kelly Burke (’07) and Brett J. Lawrence (’95), our featured artists in the 2015 Alumni Exhibition from 6-8pm.

Burke’s abstract paintings “…focus on process and physicality of paint. The repetitious layering of, taking away, and re-application of color underneath automatic scrawling, scratching and mark-making express [her] inner psyche…”

Lawrence’s photographs document a collaborative project with performance artist Satori Circus, in which the two explore “…things that [they] each hold dear…photography, performance art and the history of an oftentimes struggling city with its beautiful historic theaters.”

This Friday, Studio Angelico will play host to the Homecoming Weekend Welcome Reception, and Klemm Gallery will be open to the public. Satori Circus, the subject of Lawrence’s photos, will perform in the gallery throughout the reception, and the artists will give a brief gallery talk at 7pm.

‘Satori Circus Theater Series’


Introducing the unveiling of my ‘Satori Circus Theater Series’ Photography Project which I have been working on for the past 4 years. This will be the first time all 15 images will be displayed together in their entirety.  (3 of the 15 are below)  These images will be on display at the Klemm Gallery at Siena Heights University in Adrian, MI, during the ‘2015 Alumni Exhibition’ from October 1 – 29, 2015.  The Artists’ Reception takes place on October 16th, 2015 from 6-8pm in the Gallery.

Entrance to Klemm Gallery is FREE; food and drink reception is a ticketed event on the second floor. Please contact the Alumni Office to purchase your ticket ($12): +1 517 264 7143 or email at AGAIN, YOU CAN COME SEE THE ART FOR FREE, BUT THE FANCY HORS D’OEUVRES AND DRINKS ARE TICKETED AND LOCATED ON THE SECOND LEVEL OF THE STUDIO.

All images are 8×12″ in size, floated on a 16×20″ Fuji Deep Matte archival print, framed, signed and dated. Each print is priced at $125.00, and may be purchased prior to the Exhibition. The complete set of 15 framed prints may be purchased in its entirety. All pre-purchased prints will be displayed as “From the private collection of “your name” during the Exhibition. Each print may also be purchased unframed, as well.(Please contact me privately for price.)

Statement about the Series:

We are lucky to walk through this life and find people who truly enrich our experiences.  We are lucky if we know someone who can provide us with a different way to see and interpret things in life.  But we are truly lucky to find someone who just gets you, understands your vision and is willing to collaborate with you at the drop of a hat to make your art a reality.  For me, that individual, and most importantly Friend, is Satori Circus.

With his own award-winning history in the performing arts spanning 20+ years in and around the Detroit area, Satori Circus’ view on Life and Art is soul-drenching goodness.  Family is first.  Friends are a close second (but move up to first when Family is busy).  Work is…well, not work.  It appears effortless.  It’s his Passion.  You will never know a harder working Entertainer.  Ever.  This is the Artist that covers the entire spectrum of emotion in his performances and makes you question everything you ever thought was a legitimate thought in your head.

Why this photographic series?  Simply put, it is because Satori Circus has a way of making you feel invincible; like your voice matters.  And what started as a conversation over a few drinks escalated to a full-blown, logistically-impossible adventure that allowed us to celebrate things that we each hold dear to us: photography, performance art and the history of an oftentimes struggling city with its beautiful historic theaters.  Drawing on the influences of various characters in film and theater, it was our goal to capture each venues unique setting as best possible with Satori adding to the overall esthetic.  To this, I believe we succeeded.

To all the individuals who allowed us access to these beautiful theaters, who trusted our vision, and who took the time out of their own busy schedules to accommodate us, We thank you.  It meant more than you could ever realize.


Satori Circus, Detroit Opera House, 2015 Copyright Brett J Lawrence 2015
Satori Circus, Detroit Opera House, 2015
Copyright Brett J Lawrence 2015


Satori Circus, Detroit Film Theater, 2015 Copyright Brett J Lawrence 2015
Satori Circus, Detroit Film Theater, 2015
Copyright Brett J Lawrence 2015


Satori Circus, Detroit Redford Theater, 2015 Copyright Brett J Lawrence 2015
Satori Circus, Detroit Redford Theater, 2015
Copyright Brett J Lawrence 2015