“Always leave something to the imagination.”

-Tempest Storm

Why do I shoot Burlesque?  Because it is addictive; it sucks you in and leaves you asking for more.  It is the search for that perfect shot…THE moment.  The details of the costumes, the way a hand extends out and the fingers spread like wings, the sultry look in an eye, the perfect placement of a leg and heel upon the stage… these are just a few of the things that compel me to view all of this from behind my viewfinder.  The opportunity to help promote these events, preserve the moments for all to see, and to reaffirm the Beauty within this city is everything to me.

“Why do I shoot my images in black & white?  Simply put, black & white captures the form and lighting perfectly without the oftentimes overwhelming color interfering. Plus, it is my way of honoring classic burlesque even in modern times.

If you’re a Producer or individual Performer looking for coverage for promotional use, please contact me today for availability. Having been shooting LIVE performers and events for 10+ years, I thrive on the challenge of capturing the true essence of your hard work.