Belle Isle Night

A cold night on Belle Isle State Park in the Detroit River always results in something quietly serene and beautiful.  One of my favorite places in all of Detroit.

Each image is available in print.  Only 10 prints are being made, each one numbered, signed and  dated.  $225.00.  16×20″ Prints.  (Long dimension of image is 12″ centered on 16×20 white archival paper.)   Watermark will not be visible on final prints.  Contact me today.

MacArthur Bridge Night 010721 © Brett J Lawrence 2021
Belle Isle Pointe Night 010721 © Brett J Lawrence 2021

Insomnia Has Its Benefits

What happens when you wake up at 4am and cant get back to sleep?  You redo your website.  New layout, new front page banner imagery, new vibe.

What do you think? I’d love your feedback below.

My Muse, My Brother, My Friend

In this World we live in, we strive to connect with others to form Friendships. These Friendships are what help define who we are by the experiences we share. In the case of my Life, it was March 7, 2009 that I met a complete stranger and Artist that I am now lucky enough to be able to call my Muse, my Brother, my Friend: Russell Taylor, aka Satori Circus.

Satori Circus 30th Anniversary Show

Russ, this picture, captured at the end of your last performance on Saturday night, is my absolute favorite. You on stage, the crowd mesmerized; it screams to me in all its silence and simplicity. I shot your entire show with a very specific lens, one that hyper focuses in the middle and blurs around the edges. I did this on purpose because it embodies what I think of when it comes to your artistry: It isn’t always clear what the message is, and you have to do a little bit of soul-searching to figure things out on your own. Thank you for the challenge all these years.

Congratulations on your 30 years, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me be a small part of it for the past 9 years, and for ALWAYS being a cheerleader for my own creative endeavors. I look forward to what the future holds and what adventures await.
Your Friend, Always, Brett

Preserve PASSION

Class of 2019 Senior Sessions Now Open!

If you are looking to deviate from the ordinary studio-based photo sessions and really want to have your son or daughter shine in a unique setting, contact me today.  We can discuss location options which are geared specifically to your Senior and will make them feel right at home.  Whether in or around your home or property, in a nearby town, industrial setting or downtown city, I have covered them all.  Let’s make your Senior stand out!

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