Detroit Grand Cabaret Debut Revue What a GREAT inaugural performance by the Detroit Grand Cabaret troupe! Congratulations to everyone! Your confidence on stage exuded class and grace, punctuated with pure sexuality.  From a photographers standpoint, this was truly a challenge because of lighting.  But, I think I have captured the true essence of each performance in the fluid lines of each […]

A Mothers Addiction Journey Branding Project

Graphic Design Project: A Mothers Addiction Journey Branding Client: Katie Donovan Services include: Free Substance abuse treatment placement with trusted resources across the US that have been personally vetted Family Recovery Coaching Sober Coaching Interventions Court Assessments Sober Escort Company Tagline: “Recover. Together.”   It’s a family disease and we must work together to heal. […]

Image is (Almost) Everything – Corporate Headshots

If you are in need of updated Corporate headshots for your Company, for use on social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, etc., contact me.  I tend to stay away from old school backdrop and flash set-ups, and prefer a more natural light utilizing your office surroundings and architecture. Depending on the number of people involved with needing […]