CONCERT: Beck at Fox Theater

It has been a while since I have photographed a concert of this magnitude.  I have been jonesin’ to get back into the pits #stealingpixels trying to recapture that high of chasing the perfect image.  Thankfully, due to a chance encounter and a good conversation at a Michigan Balanced Breakfast Showcase last week, I believe a relationship has evolved to get me shooting a lot more!  For this I am grateful beyond words!

Be sure to check out Gary Graff’s review of the concert in the Oakland Press, featuring my image: Review: Beck’s “Colors” run strong at the Fox Theatre

Beck wsg Oh Wonder
Fox Theater, Detroit MI

I have never been an overall fan of Beck, aside from his hits back in the 90’s when I was in college.  (Let’s just say that ‘Loser’ holds a very special place in my fraternal heart.)  I could always appreciate his talents, but sometimes I am too stubborn to give an artist a quality listen.  I’ve learned to change this approach as I’ve shot more and more concerts over the years.  Anyways, given the restrictions that Olympia/313 places on photographers of only being able to shoot the first 3 songs and then being escorted out of the building unless you had purchased a ticket, if the remainder of the show was anything near the intensity of the opening songs of Devils Haircut, Up All Night and New Pollution, it was worth it. Plus, never having shot at The Fox in the D, I am now able to check that venue off my bucket list.

I hope you enjoy my shots.