Josie Pace-Smalls Hamtramck

In support of ‘Actors’, a synth-pop Canadian 4 piece, Josie, Ken and Mark electrified the packed room at Small’s with an intense light show and energetic Industrial performance…as always!
Never a show to be missed, and having seen them perform regularly over the years, their musicianship, stage presence and vocals have gotten nothing but STRONGER over the years.  And, with having been in Covid-event-hibernation for an excessively long time, it felt so fucking good to get back out and steal some pixels again!
Nerd Stats: I upgraded my phone to the NEW Google Pixel 6 Pro specifically because of its stellar camera ratings and capabilities.  Using this, along with my new ShiftCam Pro Grip, I was able to capture this entire show without hauling out my Sony A7iii.  Granted, a paying gig will require using the Sony for sheer shooting power and precision, but this Pixel/ShiftCam set-up worked perfectly for this type of coverage, especially with being able to shoot in RAW and edit in Adobe Lightroom in post.
I channeled my inner Alex Ross in the post-processing of these for a much different vibe than I’m used to posting. Hope you enjoy my shots!
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