Rhythm Corps at St. Andrews Hall 2019

There are few bands in my life that have such an emotional grip on me, and Rhythm Corps is one of them. All of their songs have some sort of subconscious hold on me ever since I was introduced to them by my Friend, Joe Grassi, back in high school. I am sure it is because of the time period in my life, the memories surrounding listening to their songs, and a whole bunch of other things.  One thing is for certain, any opportunity I get to see them live, I will be there.  Any opportunity I get to photograph them live, I will DEFINITELY be there.  Thank you Michael Persh for granting me an All Access Photo Pass for the show. It meant more than you know to be able to capture these images.  I hope I did you, Davey, Greg and Richie proud. (Sorry, Richie, for the lack of images.  Drummers ALWAYS get screwed with pictures.)

Thank you to the Corktown Popes for opening up the night.  I will definitely be making an effort to see you guys live more often…and maybe steal some pixels!

These images are dedicated to my Friend, Joe Grassi.  I miss you buddy.