The Paradise Follies

If you didn’t make it to the The Paradise Follies Show at Tangent Gallery / Hastings Street Ballroom last week, you missed out on a good time for sure! Hosted by Satori Circus and Lushes Lamoan, with music provided by Marcus Concernicus and Lucy’s Brown Seville, it was an evening stepping back in time to the golden days of entertainment with a bawdy twist.

“Paradise Follies is a new age rendition of entertainment from the golden days with a dirty, naughty, sexy and dangerous twist. Taking you to the edge, without getting arrested and paying homage partly in name to Detroit’s Paradise Valley.

In the day, it was the mecca for Black entertainment within the Black Bottom District. Having 17 different nightclubs, and tons of other black owned businesses. Because of what Paradise Valley stood for, the Paradise Follie will surely delight. It will make you hoot and holler; make you go blind; make you quake in your shoes; make you have dirty thoughts and leave you drenched!”

If you’re lucky, maybe this troupe will make another appearance to entertain you.

The cast included: Satori Circus Lushes Lamoan Marcus Concernicus Tommy Gun Lottie Ellington Loulou L. Roxy Kitty Paige Bentley James Liza M’Shelly Emily Rose

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