6th Annual Michigan Burlesque Festival

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am a huge fan of Detroit Burlesque.  Having covered its resurgence for a few years now, having formed good friendships with many of the women involved, and seeing the empowerment it offers them, I truly feel that it is one of the best things to rise from the proverbial ashes of Detroit.  The details of the costumes, the way a hand extends out and the fingers spread like wings, the sultry look in an eye, the perfect placement of a leg and heel upon the stage… these are just a few of the things that compel me to view all of this from behind my viewfinder.  The opportunity to help promote these events, preserve the moments for all to see, and to reaffirm the Beauty within this city is everything to me.

Thank you Fancy Pants Arts & Entertainment, Mabel Syrup and Valencia Starling for another opportunity to capture this event.  Your trust in my eye over the years means the world to me.

Even though I was only able to capture the 2nd night of the festival, I would like to thank Eileen Galvin, Tommy Gun, Itty Bitty Twitty, Ms. Coco Blu, Ember Blaize, LaFemme D’Fury, Wednesday Wilhelm, Monet Ma Cabaret, Robyn Swing, Kitty & Eris, Poppy Poison, Hermione Stranger, Kitten Von Mitten, Ruby La Louche, Margot Lugosi, Miss Claira Bell, G. Gordon Libido, Clara Bows, Hannah the Hatchet & Erin the Axe, Ellie Camino, Leena Mynx Allure, Florence of Alabia, Lady Sirene, Hank E. Panky, and Dirty Martini for their beautiful performances and the always entertaining and bawdy Foxy Tann for her emceeing prowess.

If any of you would like free watermarked versions of your images, or the hi-resolution files for a small fee, contact me at brettjoelaw@gmail.com and we can make arrangements.

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