Theatre Bizarre 2016

An event not to be missed, and once experienced, you will truly understand why it is hailed as The Greatest Masquerade on Earth.

Ive been attending this visually stunning party since the days when it was held in the backyards of Detroit.  While those days were an awe-inspiring experience, the move to Detroit’s Masonic Temple elevates this to an entirely different level.

Thank you to the Theatre Bizarre organizers for the Media Pass to cover this years event.  Honestly, my pictures never do the experience justice, but I think I’ve come pretty close this year.

*I chose to shoot in black and white this year to give a different spin on the typical color shots that are captured at this event.  Because of the overwhelming level of saturation and color, I wanted to focus on form and lighting while presenting an old-time, classic horror movie vibe.  LEt me know what you think.  I’d love to read your comments.  -B