Image is (Almost) Everything – Corporate Headshots

If you are in need of updated Corporate headshots for your Company, for use on social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, etc., contact me.  I tend to stay away from old school backdrop and flash set-ups, and prefer a more natural light utilizing your office surroundings and architecture.

Depending on the number of people involved with needing headshots, I will work within your budget and provide you all the electronic files in a timely manner.

Corporate (For-Profit) Rates

  • $150 Hourly, or Project-specific pricing available

Start-Up, Small Business and Non-Profit Rates (Discounted)

  • $150 $100 Hourly, or Project-specific pricing available

Contact me today.  Check out my Commercial and Portrait work as well.

*As for the title of this post, and the (Almost) portion, no matter the quality of the headshot or portrait, it still comes down to the person inside.  While we are an image-conscious society, almost to a fault sometimes, it is the inner beauty in the individual that should be celebrated!