The Family Circus

The genesis & story behind this photo shoot comes down to celebrating Life & Family… and I am one blessed artist to have been a part of it.

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What inspired this photo shoot?

really, my mom! been wanting to do this sort of thing for awhile now. and with all the crap that she’s had to jump through for chemo treatments, i wanted to do it sooner than later. this time around after i had given her a hair cut….she needed one after losing so much hair…she came out of the bathroom glowing at the haircut and how it felt and said we should do a mother satori and satori photo. done!

Did you feel more vulnerable having your Family involved?

nope! never! stronger actually!!!!! made me feel very blessed that my family sees me as me…and not something else. but, with my mom and sister, they have always been there. my dad, well he has come around…hahaha…the nephew, that was just pure bonus!!

Did you feel vulnerable showing your process?

not at all. its part of performance art, or what they history of performance art dictates. its always been more interesting than the finished piece. the process takes on a more linear line…..yeah, there are ups and downs. but the process is timely, depending on the project. the performance can exist once, maybe twice…and its gone with a blink of an eye! (unless you’re there)

Looking at the images, what are you able to take away from this?

the love of my family! the craziness and wildness and happiness that’s there!! the connection!! the true guts and blood of family!!!!  i idolize my mom and my nephew!!!! this series by Brett Lawrence shows our love and respect for one another. it will live on forever…well after i’m gone. and that’s a beautiful thing!