Skull Detroit Festival 2022

Platinum Vape Proudly Presents
SKULL – Detroit’s Gothfest!
Over 40 of the Hottest and Darkest Goth Deejays and Bands in the Region!
Four Days of Goth Subculture, Deejays, Bands, & Vendors at Detroit’s Largest Goth Bazaar!
Saturday 11-19-22 Night Of Sin
6pm-Midnight 18+
Thank you to BP Legault for the photo pass to document the inaugural version of the Skull Detroit Festival.  Even though I only was able to attend Saturday night, the location, vibe and atmosphere was perfect for this Industrial/Goth music festival.  I am definitely looking forward to attending next year and shoot more nights.
-Noir Leather Stage-
Textbeak, Cleopatra Records, Cleveland/Detroit
Spike Hellis, Los Angeles
Veganinblack, Chicago
SOROS, Grand Rapids/Detroit
Wraith & Remnant, Defiled, Ypsilanti
Schedule IV, Detroit
House Deejay: Niko Fierro
-Russell Industrial Stage-
Absynthe Of Faith, Minneapolis
Satanic Hispanic, Blvsphemy Records, Chicago
Plvgues, Blvsphemy Records, Chicago
Sain’t, Blvsphemy Records, Chicago
Doc Colony, Detroit