Detroit Grand Cabaret Debut Revue

What a GREAT inaugural performance by the Detroit Grand Cabaret troupe! Congratulations to everyone! Your confidence on stage exuded class and grace, punctuated with pure sexuality.  From a photographers standpoint, this was truly a challenge because of lighting.  But, I think I have captured the true essence of each performance in the fluid lines of each curve.  More about what the moment conveys and less about technical perfection.

Emcee: Kitten Von Mitten & Miss Holly Hock

Featuring: Anna Phylaxis, Chantilly Sass, Endora Emerald, Kitten Von Mitten, Kitty Hawkk & Eris, Leena Allure, Lorelie Fontaine, Magenta Demure, Miss Holly Hock, PowndCake, Sable Fox, Veronica Lockhart, Wednesday Wilhelm

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If you performed and would like a watermarked digital copy of any images for your marketing or personal use, contact me thru my site or at  I am also available for individual photo sessions.

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