Mr. Circus

“Let’s shoot a new series of Satori portraits, Brett, different from our typical shoots.  I don’t want to pose, or be acting.  I was to be… serious. Any ideas for locations?” – Russ Taylor
“John King Used Books.  Period.” – Me


Let the fun begin…
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Because this was a different approach to our history of portraits sessions, I was compelled to ask some questions to get into the mind of my good Friend… to understand a little bit more.


What was it about John King Used Books that intrigued you for a photo shoot?
i have been going to John King books for a long time. loved the environment and wanted to have fun in it as SC. i don’t do enough serious photography, and also this gave me that chance to show myself, and others that i’m capable of that…hahaha..right! -SC


What is different about this shoot from others you typically do?
a lot of pics i do with other photographers are fun, goofy, surreal, slapstick, fetishy, adult. this was exploring a different side to SC. a side that exists all the time. -SC


Where do you see SC going from here?
oh, i see sc going everywhere, just like before. i’m not stopping this creation from taking over small plots of land or flesh. i see it constantly evolving. some aspects of course do this quicker than other areas or aspects…but i see it never stopping. even well after i’ve left this plain! -SC


Thank you to John King and his staff at one of Detroit’s most iconic businesses.  You’ve always been welcoming to me and my camera lens, and it is always a pleasure roaming your aisles and hearing your stories.  You made this photo shoot all the more memorable.


Check out John King Used Books when you have the chance.