Event: 2018 Michigan Burlypicks

The 2018 Michigan Burlypicks, held at The Tangent Gallery, showcased some of the best talent from Detroit, Michigan and nearby. The performers competed in a range of disciplines, including; singing, lip sync, comedy, tassel twirling, and more!  And as I’ve said before, if you’ve never seen Detroit Burlesque before, you’ve missed out!

The list of performers included: Scarlette Two-Faced, Dish Delish, Lillith Von Tal, Black Eyed Bliss, Veronica Lockhart, Wednesday Wilhelm, Delta Van Damn, Desiree Moon, Celeste Vedette, Endora Emerald, Kitty Hawk and Eris, Tommy Gunn, Stevie Nips, Pixel Universe, and Dotty Dart and Loretta La Rioux, Naysayin Band

If you performed, feel free to right-click and download any of my watermarked images for your own social media marketing.  Or contact me for hi-res versions for a small fee.

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