Getting my Depeche Mode Fix

Strangelove-The Depeche Mode Experience

To call Strangelove a cover band would completely diminish their skill and on-stage performance.  They are much more than that, in so much as I completely forgot that I was watching someone else singing a majority of my favorite songs from the last few decades.  Being at the front of the stage with my camera, with the intimately packed room at Small’s Bar in Hamtramck, MI, with EVERY SINGLE PERSON singing EVERY SINGLE LYRIC the entire night (including myself) for two solid hours… I WAS stealing pixels of Depeche Mode.  I was completely lost in the experience.  The best part of this is that even though my Dad commitments have me in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (dropping off my son for his freshman year at college) that weekend preventing me from seeing the real Depeche Mode perform at DTE Music on their only Michigan performance, I don’t feel bad.  At all.  I totally got my DM fix last night!  And, some pretty damn fine pictures to boot!

Thank you to Freddie Morales, Brent Meyer, Julian Shaw and James Evans for your dedication to making your fans get lost in the beautiful history of Depeche Mode.  Thank you to Kat Paled for your persistence in getting these guys to perform at Small’s, and for the recommendation to see them.  Completely worth it.  I hope you all enjoy my images from the show.


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