Just be.

I’ve photographed a wide variety of stuff in my Life, so far: local/national bands and concerts, portraits of famous/not-so-famous/infamous people, things that no longer exist, new things that others have created, amazing Performers and Artists, new beginnings for others, and silent moments that are only for Me.
I’ve created large-scale paintings over the years, some small-scale paintings, and a few other more non-traditional items that needed to be made at the time.
With all that said, I’m just going to put this out there: Being an Artist is hard f***ing work, both psychologically and physically, and I am tired of beating myself up over it time after time for not producing what I “think” is a significant amount of work, either quantity-wise or quality-wise. I have done quite a lot and I need to recognize that.
I am my own worst enemy in my head. And I deserve better.
From this point on, I am going to create when I want to create, be inspired when I am inspired, and not let others efforts instill a sense of inferiority in myself. It’s time to silence the raging insecurities that scream in the quiet moments of my days.
And just be.