Concert: Lords of Acid ‘Make Acid Great Again’ Tour 2024

Lords of Acid ‘Make Acid Great Again’ Tour
wsg/ Praga Khan

Magic Bag Theater, Ferndale MI
May 21, 2024

(Some images might be NSFW. You’ve been warned!)

I’ve seen the Lords of Acid officially three times now, along with Praga Khan, and this show was the absolute bomb! The energy was electric, and the show was a bombastic visual overload amped up to #11! Each time I have seen them has been with a different lead singer, but that really doesn’t matter when the iconic songs remain the same. Miss Gigi , on vocals, brought her own sexually charged stage presence and the rest of the boys whipped the crowd into a frenzy for the entire balls-to-the-wall performance. The only disappointment, and this is by no means a slam against the the show, just a reality, is Praga Khan had overdone it in previous shows and his voice was in no shape to be performing as the opening act; filling in for him was the equally iconic Oliver Adams on drums and vocals. A foundational member and musical partner of Praga’s for 30+ years, this was indeed an interesting twist of the tale.

Making up the Lords for this tour was Gigi Ricci on vocals, Praga Khan, Galen Waling on drums, DieTrich Thrall on Bass, and Creighton Emrick on Guitar.

Thank you Maurice, Tom and Magic Bag for photo access.

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Images © Brett J Lawrence 2024