The Caelyn Session

Welcome to The Caelyn Session.

Thank you, Sheri and Michael, for entrusting me to preserve this moment in Caelyn’s life for her Senior year portraits, and for being my last session of 2020.  What a way to end the year!

Being able to reconnect after all these years, dodging State Park security personnel, and catching those perfect moments inbetween cloud formations made for a wonderful day of shooting.  Your flexibility with being able to extend our session to a 2nd day to capture the perfect shots in the backroads made this session, and images, even more memorable.

Caelyn, thank you for being committed to this with such an open mind and bright spirit, and for allowing us to see all sides of your beautiful, artistic personality.  Given Michigan’s weather this time of year, you nailed every location and every smile with a true sense of Power and Grace.  Best wishes on your Senior year and on your adventures, wherever they may lead!

Caelyn Schoemann Session 2021
Caelyn Schoemann Session 2021
Caelyn Schoemann Session 2021
Caelyn Schoemann Session 2021
Caelyn Schoemann Session 2021
Caelyn Schoemann Session 2021
Caelyn Schoemann Session 2021
Caelyn Schoemann Session 2021
Caelyn Schoemann Session 2021
Caelyn Schoemann Session 2021
Caelyn Schoemann Session 2021
Caelyn Schoemann Session 2021
Caelyn Schoemann Session 2021
Caelyn Schoemann Session 2021
Caelyn Schoemann Session 2021
Caelyn Schoemann Session 2021
Caelyn Schoemann Session 2021

If you are looking for on-location High School Senior session, one that truly captures your Son or Daughters unique personality, contact me.  Click here for FAQs, contact info and pricing.

2021 Senior Sessions Booking Now

high school senior photos
Photos by Brett J Lawrence

If you are looking to deviate from the ordinary studio-based photo sessions and really want to have your son or daughter shine in a unique setting, contact me today.  We can discuss location options which are geared specifically to your Senior and will make them feel right at home.  Whether in or around your home or property, in a nearby town, industrial setting or downtown city, I have covered them all.  Let’s make your Senior stand out!

For all your Frequently Asked Questions about my High School Senior Sessions, click HERE!  Thank you for your consideration in documenting this important time in your Seniors life.

Insomnia Has Its Benefits

What happens when you wake up at 4am and cant get back to sleep?  You redo your website.  New layout, new front page banner imagery, new vibe.

What do you think? I’d love your feedback below.

My Muse, My Brother, My Friend

In this World we live in, we strive to connect with others to form Friendships. These Friendships are what help define who we are by the experiences we share. In the case of my Life, it was March 7, 2009 that I met a complete stranger and Artist that I am now lucky enough to be able to call my Muse, my Brother, my Friend: Russell Taylor, aka Satori Circus.

Satori Circus 30th Anniversary Show

Russ, this picture, captured at the end of your last performance on Saturday night, is my absolute favorite. You on stage, the crowd mesmerized; it screams to me in all its silence and simplicity. I shot your entire show with a very specific lens, one that hyper focuses in the middle and blurs around the edges. I did this on purpose because it embodies what I think of when it comes to your artistry: It isn’t always clear what the message is, and you have to do a little bit of soul-searching to figure things out on your own. Thank you for the challenge all these years.

Congratulations on your 30 years, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me be a small part of it for the past 9 years, and for ALWAYS being a cheerleader for my own creative endeavors. I look forward to what the future holds and what adventures await.
Your Friend, Always, Brett

Senior Sessions on the Horizon…

high school senior photos
Photos by Brett J Lawrence

With the days getting longer and the weather getting warmer, my Senior Photo Sessions will be opening up for scheduling very soon.  Keep an eye out for my posts.  In the meantime, here are the answers to your most FAQ regarding my sessions: Senior Session FAQ 2017

Satori Circus Print Sale

Everyone loves a clown.  And I know you want this handsome fella hanging on your wall.

Rather than sitting in storage, I am offering these 1st run 16×20″ framed prints of my Satori Circus Theater Series for only $60.00 each (originally $125.00), shipping included.  If necessary, I will even hand deliver them to you!  Spread the word!  Of the original 15 images, only 1 print of each was made and only 14 are left.

To read my post about the origination of this Series, click this LINK.

Contact me now and let’s make this happen

In a Heartbeat


17 years.

In the span of a heartbeat.

Filled with memories, hope & aspirations, and most importantly, Love, that will never fade.

Happy Birthday, Son. Cheers to your past and cheers to the adventures that await…

I love you. Dad.

Thank you to my Seniors…so far.

Austin Napier 2016
Austin Napier 2016

It was a busy late Summer and Fall season for me with quite a few Seniors to photograph.  To those Families that spread the word about my services and to those students who gave me their All, I thank you.  Being a part of documenting this time in Amanda, Austin, Sean, Alex, and Jack’s Lives truly is an Honor.

If you are interested in booking a Senior Session with me for the Winter, please contact me.  Click here for specific info on my Sessions.  I wont be setting any specific dates for availability, but am willing to work out special arrangements for you, weather permitting.  As for the Spring, I will make dates available once the weather becomes more tolerable.

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Senior Photo Session FAQ

high school senior photos
Photos by Brett J Lawrence

There have been quite a few consistent questions about how I manage shooting Senior Photos for my clients. In hopes of answering some, I will post them here for you.

Q: How much do you charge?
A: I am offering 2 packages this season:

Package 1: $400.00

  • 3 Hours
  • 3 Locations max. (Add’l travel expenses may apply if extensive.)
  • 2-3 outfit changes
  • 2 USB memory sticks containing ALL images, deliverable within 2 weeks
  • You receive all electronic images, color corrected, both in Hi Res (300 dpi for Print) and Lo Res (72 dpi for social media, email, etc.)
  • You retain ALL copyrights, both print and electronic, to the images.

Package 2: $500.00 (Same as above with the addition of the following prints)

  • 20-wallets (5 images max.)
  • 4-5×7”
  • 4-8×10/8×12”
  • 1-16×20”

Q: How do I schedule our shoot?
A: I provide you a link to my calendar and you pick a date which works best for you. In order to secure that time I require a $100.00 deposit, either by cash, check or PayPal. On the day of the shoot the balance is due, depending on which Package you have chosen.

Q: Where do you photograph my Son/Daughter?
A: I am an on-location photographer, meaning we hold the session in an outdoor venue of your choice. I have no studio and focus on providing your son/daughter as unique an environment as possible with the locations of their liking.

Q: What if the weather doesn’t cooperate?
A: “It’s Michigan. Just wait 5 minutes and the weather will change.” I only shoot one (1) session per day for the simple fact that if the weather is being uncooperative, we have the flexibility to wait it out and ensure we get your session in. If by chance the weather is just not cooperating at all, I have built-in flexibility to reschedule your shoot at a later date. We will get the shoot in, I promise you.

Q: Can I get a refund if we can’t reschedule?
A: I do not refund the deposit ($100.00), but will not charge you for the remaining balance.

Q: Do you shoot the required head shot for the School yearbook and class composite?
A: No. The requirements are quite strict and I don’t have a studio. You are able to contact the photography studio that has a contract with your school and set up a session specifically for that shot. They will charge a small fee and provide the school with the imagery.

Q: What do I get for my investment with you?
A: Aside from preserving this important stage in your son/daughters life, you receive all edited images in both Hi Resolution (print-quality) and Low Resolution (web-based/social media quality).  If you choose Package 2, you also receive professional quality prints.

Q: Do I get any prints from you?
A: Regardless which Package you choose to go with, you are paying for my time and “eye”. If you choose to go with Package 2, you will receive 29 high-quality prints.

Q: Who do you recommend for printing if I go with Package 1?
A: The list is always growing, but as of right now, I recommend and They are both excellent quality and fast turnaround.

Q: Who owns the pictures?
A: You own everything. I hold no copyright to the images. Within the files of each image is metadata which specifically states “(Insert Name) is the owner of these images and retains all rights, both electronic and print.” I only include my name and contact information as the photographer on record.

Q: We want to have a session in (Insert City Name) which is 3 hours away. Are you willing to travel?
A: I am willing to travel anywhere you choose with the understanding that additional travel expenses will need to be agreed upon.

If you have any other questions, please Contact Me today and I will be sure to answer them all.  Thank you for considering my services.

Brett Lawrence Signature

$200 Legos… I mean Logo’s.

In need of a NEW logo?  Need your old logo refreshed?

Tired of that dated “look” from the 70s?  Want a dated “look” from the 70s?

I can make that happen.


3 revisions allowed.  (More if you’re nice and buy me a beer.)

You will receive all files for electronic and print usage.

Contact me today.

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True Friends

There are people that you run across in Life that completely change everything.

These two are at the top of my list.

These photographs, done on the spur of the moment while working on a video project with them, is the best way I can express to them my Gratitude and Love for everything they have taught me.

Greg Thompson – Peaceful Warrior, Artist & Friend

Jan Thompson – Survivor, Singer, Songwriter & Friend

Welcome to, redux


As they say, the mechanic always has the worst-looking car in the neighborhood.  Well, I guess the same can be said for me, at least in terms of finally getting a website up and running that I can manage and manipulate on a regular basis.  I always place everyone else as a higher priority, but now is the time to focus on ME.  So, please be patient, have a look around, and I encourage your input on my imagery, as well as my (hopefully) daily blog posts and photography. -BJL